From High Tide is a multi-channel consultancy firm dedicated to guiding one million first-time female business owners through the process of starting their own businesses. 

From High Tide founder, Stephanie Worrell, developed offerings that cover everything from teaching the basics of starting a business (Six-Figure Female course) to seminars led by award-winning and high-profile subject matter experts. She also offers collaboration opportunities with women all over the world. For more personalized options, From High Tide provides one-on-one coaching and skill-specific training courses.

My mission is simple: empower women. I will help a million women start and successfully market their own business so they can gain personal and financial freedom.

The kinds of women I want to help include:

  • Women who want to control their personal and financial future
  • Women who've left the workforce due to the pandemic or other unforeseen circumstances
  • Busy women with time constraints or a need for more flexibility
  • Inexperienced women who need help or feel overwhelmed at the thought of starting their own business
  • College students who want to learn about entrepreneurship early and/or start a business or side-gig to earn extra cash. 
  • Visionary women who want to work for themselves (and, perhaps, teach their daughters to do the same)

Contact Stephanie Worrell at:

[email protected]

  • Gallup recently analyzed the pandemic’s impact on women – 2.3 million of whom were absent from the workforce as of February 2021. 
  • Women accounted for 55 percent of the 20.5 million jobs lost in April, 2020, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
  • The unemployment rate for adult women rose to about 15 percent from 3.1 percent in February of 2021. (Bureau of Labor Statistics) 
  • According to an analysis by the National Women’s Law Center, this is the first time since 1948 that the female unemployment rate has reached double digits.
  • Venture capital funding boomed in 2020, but only 2.2% went to women. (Fortune)
  • 30% of executive women say the pandemic is knocking them off their professional career course. (Forbes)
  • A whopping 70% of women took on more professional responsibilities since the start of the pandemic. (Forbes)
  • Working moms find themselves with an additional 20 hours of responsibilities at home during the pandemic related to child care and more (on top of their traditional 40-hour workweek). (Forbes) 



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Stephanie is available for interviews, podcast or show appearances, speaking engagements, or a chat over a cup of coffee to share more about her mission to help 1M women start a business.